In attendance:                                 

Bonnie Lombardo                   Bob Merring              Kathy Gerling                  

Dale Morin                             Randy Gerling                                    Mary Flannary                                  

Linda Hansen                         Frank Gianneschi       Absent:  Bob Newman          

Pastor Clark Olson-Smith    Cathy Newman                      Marilyn Scalisi

                                                                                                Joe Scalisi


The meeting was opened at 7:50 PM by Frank Gianneschi.  Pastor opened with a reading from Matthew 28.


The minutes from 11/18 meeting were read.  One amendment:  Under Treasurers Report, we were three months behind on Synod payments, not $8K.  A motion was made by Randy to accept the amended Minutes.  Linda seconded and the motion carried.


Old Business:

·         Patriots Baseball Game – Money still missing. Dale not pressing it.  Missing money to come out of Social Ministry budget, so entire amount will be sent to FISH.

·         Nominating committee – See report.  Four new Council members for 3-year terms are Eric Conrad, Lou Takacs, Sherry Marcoux and James Schwartz.  Frank will be returning for another 3-year term.  There are a few others who have not responded yet.  The outgoing Council members were thanked for their service.

·         Budget for 2009 was adopted at the Congregational meeting on 12/14.

·         Purposes & Principles Working Statement was adopted at the Congregational meeting on 12/14.



* Pastor:   See report.  Council retreat will be on February 21st with St. Peters, St. Lukes, and Advent in Warren.  We will all meet with Synod reps to discuss regional issues.  Pastor also sought approval from Council for his Moravian Seminary Class on Prayer.  Council gave approval.

* President & VP:  no report

* Treasurer:  See report.   We are now four months behind on Synod payments.  Discussed Thrivent $1300 to Social Ministries matching funds for “maintenance” and what it is to be used for.  Social Ministry committee will meet this weekend to decide.

* Financial Secretary:  See report

* Property: Meeting tomorrow to put up Christmas tree.  Checked on Lighted sign out front.  It is yellowing.  It can be replaced for around $600.  Will order in the spring.

* Social Ministries:  65 Angel gifts were bought for Edison HeadStart.   The Christmas party at the Sr. Affordable Housing went great.  We had lots of volunteers and the Seniors had a good time.

* Christian Education:  Craft day went very well.  There were about 15 children.  Emily Reineke is directing the Christmas program.  Michelle wants CD Player along w/white board.  Get receipts.

* Liaison:  N/R  No one can find a signed lease.  Frank will look through his papers again.

* Evangelism:  Did a “Come Home for Christmas” letter to inactive members.   Also drafting an evangelism letter for the congregation to use throughout the year for friends, neighbors and co-workers

* Worship & Music:  no report


·         Planning Committee – Questionnaire is done.  Will ask congregation to do during announcement time


New Business:

·         SDA Church has requested to use the church for a special service on December 31, from 6-8:00 PM.  Approved by the Council.

·         Girl Scout troop 410 wants to use the church on every other Tuesday night or so, 5-6 girls.  Krista Reineke’s troop, Randy made a motion to accept, Bob M. seconded.  Motion carried.

·         Council Dinner planned for February 4 at 6:30 at Tony’s.  Dale will make the arrangements.

·         Frank proposed changing the Council meeting night to the third Wednesday each month beginning in January to accommodate Eric Conrad.  No one had a problem with that.



Bob Merring made a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:05 PM.  Dale seconded.  Motion carried.


Respectfully submitted,

Cathy Newman