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St. Stephen Fast Facts

Baptisms 2008: Jared DeGraw, Sean DeGraw, Daniel James Swartz, Nicholas Jack Urteil, Brianna Bailey Genteel, Mackenzie Addison Conrad

Funerals 2008: Lorraine Cochrane, Eleanor Doherty, Hanna Fuerst, Anna Keller, Marie Refstrup

Stats for 2007 first, then 2008
Average worship attendance – 74  72
Baptized members –
280  282
Confirmed members – 195  199
Voting members* – 163  151
Quorum for annual meetings – 33  31

* Our constitution defines voting members as confirmed members who communed at least once in the previous year. A quorum is 20% of voting members.


Family Easter Vigil Service
Saturday, April 11 at 7:30 pm

Tell me, I forget.
Show me, I remember.
Involve me, I understand.

Easter Vigil is like Christmas Eve. It’s the night we stay up late and wait for Jesus, this time to rise to new life! All worship involves us. The Family Easter Vigil worship will involve you even more.

This year, the joint St. Stephen and St. Peter Confirmation class will be planning our Easter Vigil service. Tom will play, the choir will sing, and the confirmation students will be in charge of how the stories get told. Pastor Sara and I with work closely with them to tell the stories in ways that involve us, give us a part to play and a song to sing.

An Easter Vigil service is very dramatic. Often loud. It’s just the place for kids and families. It starts with a big fire outside of a dark church. After we carry that new light inside, we tell our ancient, holy stories of God’s deliverance, like creation and crossing the Red Sea. Then we tell a new story of God’s deliverance in a baptism or two!

Then, guess what?! It’s Easter! We turn up the lights, sing to wake the dead, and dress up the church to welcome the Risen Christ! Before we go, we eat with Jesus, just like we do every Sunday. Then Jesus sends us home in love, to sleep, and wake to a new day of life on Easter morning.

(And an extra perk? We don’t have to wake up early for church, because we did Easter already!)

So consider making Easter Vigil your Easter service this year. Saturday, April 11 at 7:30 pm. We’ll rock as that stone rolls away!