From the Pastor’s Pen: A New Year


We are in the New Year.

Gone is a year filled with economic uncertainty here and throughout the nation, and uncertainty here at St. Stephen about obtaining a new pastor.

This year we remember, and rejoice in, the lives of those who have joined the saints triumphant in the last year, especially Frances Lutes, Gertrude Kmosko and Alma Smith.

Additionally, the year 2011 marked another step in the process of closing St. Peter’s Lutheran. While the congregation closed in 2009, the building was not sold until the very end of last year. For those members of St. Stephen who transferred here from St. Peter’s I expect this sale will bring a sense of loss and maybe finality. Know you are very much members of St. Stephen and that your pastor is praying for you in this time of transition and closure.

This year, St. Stephen looks forward to greater stability and leadership, as we now have a pastor.

This year we welcome four new people to Church Council Mary Flannary, Linda Hansen, Patricia Klatt, and Dale Morin.

Additionally, St. Peter’s financially strengthened us with a portion of the money from the sale of that property.

I hope and pray that, with a new pastor, a renewal of council leadership, and an influx of money, 2012 will be a year in which we engage in ministry with renewed vigor and find new opportunities for learning, inviting, sharing, and serving—all for the sake of the gospel.





Pastor Chris