A digital version of this week’s worship bulletin.



Confession & Forgiveness                                                                  p. 2

Gathering Song               “In Christ Called to Baptize”              red # 575

Greeting & Kyrie                                                                                p. 2-3

Now the Feast                                                                                    p. 4-5

Salutation and Prayer of the Day                                            p. 7 & insert


Readings, Psalm, Gospel (Gospel Verse   p. 8)                            insert

Sermon                                                                    Pastor Chris Halverson

Hymn of the Day         “Let Us Go Now to the Banquet”         red # 523

Blessing Blurb

Apostles’ Creed                                                                                  p. 9

Prayers of Intercession and Peace                                                 p. 10


Offering and Offertory Anthem                  “Promised Land”

“As the Grains of Wheat”                                                                 p. 10

Prayer (spoken in unison)                                                               p. 11

The Great Thanksgiving, Holy & Eucharistic Acclamations 2-3  p. 11-12

Concluding with Lord’s Prayer                                                        p. 13

Communion, with Lamb of God                                                      p. 14

Communion Songs     “Let There Be Peace On Earth”, red # 310 & 824

Prayer after Communion                                                                  p. 14

“Thanks Be To You”                                                                           p. 15


Post Communion Prayer and Blessing                                          p. 16


Dismissal                                                                                             p. 16