From the Pastor’s Pen: Resurrection of our Lord


My supervisor, Pastor Gregg Knepp, in Baltimore, had every single one of his interns preach the Sunday after Easter about the Road to Emmaus (Luke 24:13-35). He thought it was like a psychological test, how the story was preached said as much about the intern as it did about the gospel itself. For example, a very bible focused intern would focus on how Jesus pointed to himself throughout scripture, a sacramentally centered person would focus on Jesus being found in the breaking of the bread.

And that’s the amazing thing about the Road to Emmaus story—it is so full of church—so full of ways to find the resurrected Jesus right here in church on any given Sunday.


First, two or three are gathered together and talking about the events surrounding Jesus’ life, death and resurrection (14).

Then, they run into someone who says he doesn’t know anything about this gospel they are sharing with one another—so they proclaim it to him (19-24).

Next, they are taught from scripture about the event they just experienced (27).

They then invite this man to be their guest (29).

As he stays with them he blesses the bread, and in that blessing he is revealed to be Christ their Lord (30-31).

Finally, they shout with Joy “The Lord has risen indeed” (34) to which we can of course respond “he has risen indeed alleluia.”


In our gathering together in a community shaped by Christ’s story, in our sharing this good news, in our reading of scripture and relating it to the world in which we live, in our invitation to others as guests, in the blessed meal of holy communion, and in our eager Easter shouts of “he has risen,” we live this resurrection of Christ.