November’s Servant-Leaders 2013

November 310:30 a.m. November 1010:30 a.m. November 1710:30 a.m. November 2410:30 a.m.
Deacon Mary Flannary Frank Gianneschi Randy Gerling Bill Cochrane
Comm.Assistant Linda Goetz Linda Nietman Bob Newman Peggy Flannary
Lector Linda Goetz Linda Nietman Eric Conrad Kathy Gerling
Acolyte &Crossbearer Justin Billich Shaun Boffard

Sean DeGraw

Jared DeGraw

Cassandra Newton

Kristen Hansen

Rebecca Palmer

Usher  Sharon & Frank Gianneschi Kathy & Randy Gerling Linda Nietman

Orvie Hoffman

Cathy Newman

Kathy Cortese

Greeter  Doris Hansen Odessa Lemley Cathy Newman Randy & Kathy Gerling
Altar Guild Doris Hansen

Kristen Hansen

Miriam Skrzypczak

Pat Benward

Mary Flannary

Patty Newton

Sharon Gianneschi

Marlene Young

Thank you.  Your servant-leadership sets the table for worship and helps invite us into the living presence of God.

If you are unable to serve as scheduled, please find someone to cover you.  Drop us a line in the office (908/757-4474 or no later than Wednesday morning, so that the correct information may be printed in the Sunday bulletin.  Thanks again.