Several people asked for copies of my version of Psalm 112 after service. Here is it:
A is for A Happy Person, who is happy because they are in awe of the LORD, they delight in His commandments.
B is for Big, because their influence in the world will be big; their upright children will be blessed.
C is for Collection, because they collect many good things and their right action shall endure forever.
D is for Darkness, which will be overcome by the light of their justice—their grace, mercy, and righteousness glows!
E is for Excellence, which follows the generous lenders, who in all things act justly.
F is for the Faithful Righteous, who will never be moved; they will be remembered forever.
G is for these Guys who aren’t afraid of bad news, because their courage comes from the LORD.
H is for Hard as a rock and just as steady, which they are; they will win the day.
I is for the fact that I’ve seen their generosity to the poor; their righteousness endures forever; for all this they deserve praise.
J is for Just how much bad people can’t stand it; how bad folk grind their teeth and slip away in silence; how their wicked plans fail.