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GATHERING SONG                     “Alleluia! Jesus Is Risen!”                  red book # 377

KYRIE                                                                                             red book page 184 (set 8)



ACTS 7:55-60

PSALM 31:1-5, 15-16

1 PETER 2:2-10

JOHN 14:1-14

SERMON                                                                                           Pastor Chris Halverson

Know this brothers and sisters, as Christ is, so are we.

My parents came into town Friday night and I dropped them off Saturday afternoon
—and let me tell you, nothing reminds a man that there are no self-made men better than spending time with family—with parents.
I was reminded that I have my dad’s nose, mannerisms, wanderlust, and disposition.
And I have my mother’s body type, eyes, intellect, and anxiety.
I’m sure the Winsmann family has looked over Madilyn and can tell you whose face and ears and personality she has… because there is always some connection there,
some old photograph of a great aunt,
or story of a grandfather,
or eyes that sparkle just like so-and-so’s.
And such connections, such glimmers, are also seen among us—connections to, and glimmers of, our sibling Jesus Christ.
Know this brothers and sisters, as Christ is, so are we… As Christ is, so are we.

Did you hear Madilyn? Did you hear what we read in 1st Peter?
Did you hear that you are a newborn babe… you will be born again, through the water and the Spirit, an invisible second birth.
In it you will find salvation from Sin, Death, and the Devil.
You are about to be made into a living stone, a living stone hewn from the quarry that is Christ Jesus.
That Jesus Christ, who is the capstone and cornerstone of Creation, Jesus Christ who is the most precious person in your life and in the life of this community and this world.
He is God among us, as he was so long ago.
And so long ago so many did not see him…
We only saw him, who he was, through eyes of faith.
And for those who did not see him he was just some man, who died—who was executed
But for us, we see so much more, we see his life accepted as an offering for sin, even the sin of killing him.

Yes, hear me Madilyn, when he was among us, who he was was hidden, it was invisible, it all just seemed rather ordinary.
And so too here with you—because this Baptism comes from the same stuff as Christ.
Yes, it will be regular water and words and oil and family,
but to the eyes of faith—what we see is the very Spirit of God enlivening you again,
joining you to the people of God,
calling you out of darkness into God’s amazing light,
the mercy of God.
You, with all of us, are growing together,
We are being built into a temple, a holy community, the family of God.
As Christ is, so are we.

Did you hear Madilyn? Did you hear what we read in John’s Gospel?
That this Baptism is the beginning of a journey with Jesus. Going with him on the way—that through him you will know God fully.
That you develop your eyes of faith and see him at work throughout your life…
And that through him, as you develop these eyes of faith, your life will be richer and multi-layered.
And that you will see him in your work—our works together,
that we will be God’s body in the world,
that we will follow the Holy Spirit’s calling.
That our work in this world will glorify Our Father in Heaven.
As Christ is, so are we.

Did you hear Madilyn? Did you hear what we read in the Acts of the Apostles?
Did you hear about the stoning of Stephen?
Did you notice how he imitated Christ.
At his execution Jesus called upon God to receive his spirit.
He trusted God to receive his spirit.
He trusted that he would be raised to new life and vindication.
Likewise, at Stephen’s death he calls upon, and trusts, Jesus to receive his spirit. He trusted that just as Christ was raised, he would be too.
At Jesus’ execution he called on God to forgive those who persecuted him, to forgive those who murdered him.
And so too, Stephen calls upon Jesus to forgive those who are stoning him, to forgive those who take his life.

And that’s really a gruesome story to mention to a kid—but it is worth remembering the full scope of this Baptism.
We are following Jesus all the way—the pall we put on the casket at a funeral is done as a sign of Baptism. We are baptized into both his death and his life.
Baptism is for your whole life. But it’s also beyond that, trusting that there are many rooms prepared where Christ goes.
As Christ is, so are we.

Did you hear Madilyn? As Christ is, so are we…
We’re made of the same stuff—our faith life can appear mundane from the outside, but from the inside—wow, it’s the whole deal.
We’re along the way with Jesus.
We’re a forgiving people who trust God’s mercy in all things, to the end, and beyond.
There are all these connections, these glimmers of Christ, here. You’re not self-made, but made in the image of God and created anew by water, word, and spirit. You are to be a baptized Child of God, one with Christ Jesus.
Did you hear Madilyn? As Christ is, so are we…

HYMN of the DAY                               “Borning Cry”                                 red book # 732






OFFERTORY             “The Lord is Risen This Morning”           Nancy Price & Don Besig




Also, “Let There Be Peace On Earth”, red book # 477, red book # 479




SENDING SONG                            “Lead Me, Guide Me”                           red book # 768