From the Pastor’s Pen: Confirmation
Last Thursday night was an exciting night, our confirmation kids gathered together for their final confirmation session. We talked about who we are as members of the ELCA, as well as members of this particular congregation, St. Stephen. Then we took time to review the last two years of confirmation preparation they’ve been involved in by doing a crossword puzzle together which I created.
It was a pleasure to walk with Matthew, Haley, and Jared, as well as their parents, through the basic stuff of our faith—to give them a broad overview of Scripture, Lutheran Theology, Christian History, Worship, and Practice. I hope and pray they carry these lessons with them through a full life in Christ.
Come June 8th our three confirmands will affirm the promises that were made at baptism for their sake, they’ll step up and become full members of St. Stephen, and live into the last two years of learning and formation they’ve experienced together.
This was my first batch of confirmands and my first time teaching confirmation, so I’m sure there are things I missed, or didn’t express clearly enough, but I did what I could to impart the faith to them. Being that they were my first batch, I’ll always remember them with special fondness.

In Christ’s Peace,

Pastor Chris Halverson