Christ is risen (he has risen indeed, Alleluia!)

Christ we tempted by the Devil.
Christ was crucified that Sin might die.
Christ triumphs over death.

Let us Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously!
Let us sing to the Lord
Let us Sing to the Lord, seven stanzas of Salvation

1. Sing of the works God has fashioned.
Light, sky, sea, and vegetation.
All ordered for the good of fish and bird,
All made that the creatures of earth may prosper.
We people put here,
Together the image of God!
All of this ordered, and then given blessed rest.
All of us given a day, good, for nothing—a Sabbath
Sing of the God who creates!

2. Sing of God’s continuous liberating acts.
Sing a freedom song.

Sing to reassure us when we are confronted by that reality
When freedom is frightening/
When an open world astounds us!

Sing to the clapping of a multitude of feet against dry land
Sing by the fire at night and through the smoke in the day
Sing of God’s leading us on, to his promises.

Take up Miriam’s melody
“Sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously;
Horse and rider he has thrown into the sea.”
3. Sing to the prophetic rhythm of Ezekiel
To the maraca-like rattle of bone on bone
Sinew sproing-ing like guitar string
Flesh wrapped tight like a drum
The breath bellowing out baritone
The life returned, worthy of many a song

Prophecy is a solo,
that is actually a duet with God.
The multitude who were sleeping are awake,
A massive choir
They join you and we all sing together
Sing: “God’s people are never without hope.”

4. Sing the raucous counter-tune
Make melody against the clangor of
Horn, pipe, lyre, trigon, harp,
drum, and entire musical ensemble.

Sing so high the idols shatter
Charm the fire with your song

Join in harmony with the three men
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego
Three men in the fire,
Four men singing praise to God
The God with them in the fire.

5. Sing that brief refrain
Beloved disciple—running faster
Upping the tempo
Hitting a rest, not entering in
Ending in a crescendo

6. Sing like Peter
His pace petering out
Failing in the race
A brave climax mid melody
Entering in the tomb to see
A confused fluttering note
“What has happened?”
Peter fades away, returning home.

7. Finally, Mary’s song
A startled start—stone rolled away
She too joins in the percussion foot race
Like Peter and the Beloved Disciple.

Then, she gets her sad solo,
An Aria of anguish there at the Tomb

No she doesn’t! She’s alone! Then surrounded!
Two Angels there, and wisped away
A Gardner for her to accuse
Then the single finest note in all of God’s great song
Jesus Christ calls her by name.
If you listen quietly you can hear it too.
He knows you and calls you by name. Singing it aloud.

When you go from here
Sing this song to the others too
Sing that “I have seen the Lord!”
Christ is risen (he has risen indeed, Alleluia)